Why do women join the industry?
What hurdles do they face?
What does it take to form an equitable industry?

This groundbreaking study aims to answer those questions in order to help develop actionable recommendations and strategies that support equity and inclusivity for everyone.

With over 900 completed quantitative surveys in three countries, covering 100+ data points, the study presents a unique opportunity to understand and document women’s roles and experiences in the emerging, male-dominated $300+ billion USD cannabis industry.

Why This Data Matters

Anecdotes are stories. And while the stories that we hear about women’s experiences may be real and true, anecdotes aren’t data.

Data is what’s needed in order to educate people and create change. When we ask questions in a scientific way, following research methodology, then we can transform what would be viewed as an anecdote into data. When we take that data, analyze and present it in a way that provides real information, that gives us a real understanding of the landscape – which can be a driver for change.

What the Initial Results Tell Us

Initial top line results from the U.S. study shows that the majority of women enter the industry because they’re passionate about cannabis Like many professionals, women also hope to use their skills in a new industry and take part in the financial opportunity.

However, women face huge sacrifices to enter and work in the industry: money, time, health, relationships and even their freedom and custody of children. That’s on top of the shame they face for their choice of job or for their cannabis use.

And yet they persist. 86% consider themselves to be successful!

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