Launching 12 | 10 | 2019
National Women of Cannabis Conference, Las Vegas, NV
Are women succeeding in the cannabis industry?
Why do women join the cannabis industry?
What hurdles and opportunities do they face?
Why do some leave?
How can we create an inclusive industry?

Ladyjane Branding and Wolfe Research & Consulting are coming together for an ambitious longitudinal study about women’s experiences in the cannabis industry — why they enter, their hurdles and opportunities, their successes and failures, and why some ultimately leave.

These results will be invaluable as we search for ways to make this a space for everyone. After all, we’d like to think we’re holding ourselves accountable and being inclusive.

But here’s the thing:
we don’t know if that’s actually happening.

We can’t ignore the tough questions about gender equality like most other industries. Your involvement in this study can help us find out, and ultimately support women’s involvement in cannabis.

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