Vision, Barriers & Success

Women Smashing Cultural & Societal Norms in the Cannabis Industry

Vision, Barriers & Success

Women Smashing Cultural & Societal Norms in the Cannabis Industry

Carving out our Niche

A women-led movement focusing on equity and inclusion is emerging within the cannabis industry. 

As the cannabis industry shifts from the underground to a more regulated entity, women have expressed hope that it would become a safer and more inclusive workplace.  

Their intention is to take collective action to change the industry to one that supports women’s definition of personal success – one focused on passion, health, community, helping others, education, personal growth and happiness.

Data, Not Anecdotes

In 2019, Ladyjane Branding launched the Women in Cannabis Study to document and quantify women’s experience working in the industry to support businesses, consumers, and policy advocates with rigorous data from qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys, with the objective to advance equity and diversity in the industry. 

The Harsh Facts

After surveying more than 1,500 women working throughout the US, we found that they make overwhelming sacrifices to work in the industry and face systemic barriers to success – to include sexism, harassment, bullying, lack of support, lack of opportunity, lack of benefits, low pay, obtaining funding and resources, lack of respect, shame, stigma and more. 

Just 11% consider the industry equitable. Despite these hurdles, the vast majority of women in the space consider themselves successful!

Passion to Make Change

Results from the Women in Cannabis Study show our potential. 

The women in this industry are inspired to help others, extremely passionate about the healing power of cannabis, many are highly educated with significant work experience, and the great majority have shown that they are willing and able to overcome obstacles, roadblocks, shame and stigma to make change in the world.

What is your definition of success?

Power Through Data & Storytelling

With over 100 data points in the quantitative study, the Women in Cannabis Study has collected a significant amount of insight about the women working in the industry and their personal cannabis consumption – much more than we could summarize in one report. 

Get in touch for custom reporting, webinars or roundtable discussions featuring deep dives into the data and in-depth profiles of these passionate “Industry Insiders.”

Support the Study

The Women in Cannabis Study has been a self-funded passion project by Ladyjane Branding. If you’re inspired by the results, please consider supporting the creator.