What are women’s experiences working in the cannabis industry?

Why did they join this industry? What hurdles do they face?
We’re going to find out.

The WomenInCannabis.Study will discover and document the experiences of women working in this industry. This knowledge will help us understand our starting point, then create an industry we can all be proud of.

The survey is now live!

The study will ask the hard questions, in order to understand our present reality and shape the future for women entering the space.

The monthly and quarterly reports will paint a picture of the women working in cannabis so that we can understand their professional trajectories and roadblocks to success.

To do this, we will explore their thoughts on opportunities for leadership, mentorship, life/work balance. We will look into the role of cannabis in their lives and the workplace.

We will tell the story of women, as well as individual women’s stories - with data.

Why? The goal is to create an equitable and inclusive industry where everyone feels welcome. But first we must understand our starting point.



Help support the path to an equitable & inclusive industry for all

An overwhelming number of women wish to tell us their stories in the qualitative, telephone interview.

Your support will help pay the cost for interviewers, transcription, analysis, development of actionable recommendations, reporting and content creation for the study.

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Encourage women at all levels of their career, whether in plant touching or ancillary businesses in cannabis, CBD or hemp to complete the survey.


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